Welcome to Director Message


Just as the liquid takes the shape of the container in the same way education flows into the body and takes the shape of man. Just as the banyan tree sends hundreds of offshoots and all benefit, in the same way the school stands tall like the kingly tree and the children, like ivy, wrap their fresh greenness around it. Just as the Preamble constitutes the spirits of the nation, in the same way the mission statement embodies the vision of the organization and that is to empower the students with total quality management by way of work and time. So dear friends, you all and us at school must aim to build bridges of friendship and trust, bridges of honesty and respect, so that together we can build a future for our children. A future in which they feel secure, a future from which they gain strength, a future which they can endure. So today . let us take a pledge to build bridges of hope. Bridges that are spanned by rainbows of a bright tomorrow.

Mission Statment

To create a student-centric learning environment that nurtures all talents to enhance skills to make worthy global citizens. Technologically savvy, our students' effective English communication competency will ensure they can reach their fullest potential through superior academic, aesthetic as also athletic experiences.

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